April. 2021

First California Cherries Harvested This Week

"What is the key to success? ... consistency and uniformity of our fruit make for a high-quality cherry. Alongside with quality, warm days and cool nights result in large size cherries with a high brix level..."

May. 2020

First Cherries From California Arrive In Mainland China

"The cherry is one of the most popular fruits in the Chinese market. The sales of Chilean cherries are good every year, and the production season that has just completed was no different."

Feb. 2021

Early California Cherry Varieties Have Reached Full Bloom

“We are about five to seven days ahead of historical bloom dates for our area...”


"...we are excited about the potential and feel it will be a good season.”

20200511 Meena Farms cherries.jpeg
May. 2020

This Season’s Californian Cherries Hit Chinese Market

"The history of cherry cultivation by Meena Farms dates back 20 years. Now, as one of the most recognized brands of Californian cherries, Meena Farms produces over 15 cherry varieties..."