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Premium California Organic Almonds


After twenty five years of growing almonds, Meena Farms is proud to announce that our Premium Organic California Almonds will soon be available for online purchase to CA, OR, WA, and NV! Nothing compares to the time, dedication, and care we put into growing you our certified organic almonds.

Big News!

About our Organic Almonds

We take pride in our Certified Organic farming practices. In place of harmful pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals we employ natural predators and resources to care for our almonds. We use the best quality organic compost to feed the trees to produce the tastiest nuts. We also hold a Sustainable Farming Certification from watering our crops consciously and by always looking for and incorporating the most natural and Earth conscious farming practices. 

It's through our passion for farming sustainably and consciously that allows us to provide you with the finest quality organic almonds. We hope you enjoy!


Almond Fact

With six grams of protein per ounce and 12 different vitamins and minerals almonds have a myriad of nutritional benefits. They also happen to be a good source of magnesium.


Almonds are members of the rose family and are therefore also called 'The queen of the rose family'. Other family members of the almond are the peach and the apricot.

Almond Fact

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