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About Us

As a family operation, our main goal is to meet and exceed all of our customers expectations around the taste of a true fresh sweet cherry. We strive to grow the best cherries in the world and allow our customers to see what Meena Farms has to offer. The information provided is to give our customers some insight on our process and how we ensure quality standards are met. 

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Our Mission is to deliver the best quality cherries to our customer. Our extensive quality assurance of each orchard never ends. We monitor each variety and location to meet our strict cultural practices to produce high quality fruit. Starting at the pollination to fruit sizing and ripening, we spare no expense to provide all the necessary needs of the fruit. This level of quality assurance allows us to deliver on our promise of the best eating experiences in the world.

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The Packing process allows us to provide quality assurance tests on our fruit before it reaches our customers. Our cherries are tested for their firmness, brix, size, and color before they are able to move on to the packing facilities. Our fruit goes through three quality checks starting in the field and ending in the box prior to shipping.Our quality assurance process starts at the first sight of fruit and  is evaluated on a weekly basis to ensure maturity and development.

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With a history rooted in marketing and selling fresh cherries since 2016, we have experienced exponential growth over the years. We are grateful for the opportunity to bring our premium cherries to people around the globe. We have meticulously cultivated and perfected the art of delivering premium, hand-picked cherries straight to you. Experience the freshness as we ensure a remarkable eating experience that knows no boundaries. 

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Retail/ Wholesale

 Whether you're a local grocer, distributor, or wholesaler our commitment to excellence ensures a reliable source of fresh cherries that stand out in both flavor and quality.


Our retail program offers a seamless experience, ensuring that the journey from orchard to shelf preserves the freshness and flavor that define our cherries. Elevate your offerings and captivate discerning shoppers with the essence of premium quality.


Our wholesale program is tailored to meet the demands of businesses seeking top-tier freshness and taste. We ensure timely and efficient handling of the product that maintains the integrity of our cherries. Partner with us to provide your clients with a consistently superior cherry experience.