Meena Farms

Monthly Orchard Reports 

Coral Blushing.jpg



Our orchards have had some of the best bloom conditions we have seen in years! We are anticipating a strong harvest after experiencing increased units of chill and observing large crop sets. Harvest will start in late April with varieties Brooks and Coral Champagne. Although it is too early to tell, we are pleased with our late varieties of large size cherries having such a strong bloom to finish our program.

First Cherry Bloom. (2).jpg



First bloom sighted on February 5th!! It does indeed appear that California cherry season is off to an early start. Compared to previous years we are tracking 5-7 days earlier than historical bloom dates. 




Coming into the New Year, we experienced a record amount of chill. We ended this month with a record rainfall event, which we hope segues into a productive cherry season.