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Premium California Fresh Cherries

There’s nothing more exciting than experiencing the taste of a true sweet California grown cherry. Meena Farms strives in every decision to cultivate each of these experiences for all its customers.


About Us

We are Meena Farms, a family based multi-generational farming business/partnership involved in the growing, packing, marketing and exporting of fresh sweet cherries. We have been farming cherries for the last twenty years and grow about fifteen different varieties of sweet cherries in the fertile Northern Central Valley in California. Our driving passion is to grow the best cherries in the world and we are able to achieve it with a relentless pursuit of quality. We proudly feature the Coral Champagne (our signature variety) along with other famous varieties including Tulare, Brooks, Bing and Garnet to name a few.


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Meena Farms is proud to offer fresh premium California sweet cherries at the start of the season


Meena Farms offer the following varieties

  • Coral Champagne

  • Royal Hazel

  • Brook

  • Bing


Meena Farms Crop Update

Last Updated 3/13/2020

2020 Started wet and foggy in January but turned dry with California having one of the driest February's on record. If conditions do not change we will likely see some water challenges in the southern districts for 2020 orchards. Although bees were a challenge for many early cherry growers we are forecasting extremely good production potential with a strong bloom and good bee activity during pollination. Forecasts call for seasonably warm conditions during the early to mid bloom and turning wet for the late bloom. We welcome the wet weather to spare California of its water issues but wish it away once we come to harvest! We are excited of the crop potential at Meena Farms for 2020. We will keep you posted of all stages of growth...


Orchards in dormant stage just before bloom period. Well kept Meena Farms orchards promote uniform bloom time as well as lower pest pressure. Every orchard is given the care and attention needed to produce a quality crop.


Bloom is here!
Having a record long dry period and unseasonably warm temperatures we have seen bloom come early in many of our orchards. In some cases we have seen bloom occurring with almond bloom. This has rarely been seen. What does this mean? We are forecasting harvest to be early in California and expect to be picking cherries late April.

Petal Fall / Fruit Set

Analyzing the crop. Following the bloom the crop is closely monitored although this is our first look at actual cherries mother nature will do her best to claim her share. We now tighten our estimates with every progressing stage.


Meena Farms Sales

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